Unknown Signal Broadcast My Consciousness Automatically, Can You Feel It?

Unknown signal broadcast my consciousness automatically, include my thoughts, my activities etc. The discovery of such phenomena will be a milestone and breakthrough to the science. It is not only a mysterious phenomenon that frequently occurs, but also is great important to the basic study of biology and physics. Require strategies to study the phenomena, it might be a key to the study of what is the biological basis of consciousness. Any scientific community, university or is welcome to invite me to join you.

When I was in my college career, my classmates said that they always have some strange hearing, and could see a naked body near them day by day, just like seeing a soul, but can’t be photographed, and they have the sight even when their eyes are closed. Persons in different rooms have the same mysterious sense at the same time. As time goes, we found the strange sound is just the same to my thoughts, include these thoughts I never talk out and never record it in any place. In fact, they could hear two kinds of sounds being talk the same words at the same time when I’m talking, one is my sound, and the other one is the strange hearing. And the naked body’s activity is just the same to my activity. Both of us were amazed by the phenomena. You might will ask me can you feel it, the answer is yes if you are not far from me.

We know that we can see something is caused by a kind of signal called light, and we can use a camera record light, but they can’t use any tool record the mysterious sound and the naked body in their vision. It means we have found a kind of entirely new signal that sciences don’t know yet. We may call it paranormal phenomena, or telepath, it happens frequently, so it could be proved repeatedly. I would like to challenge Randi’s prize ( www.randi.org ).

Such phenomena hint at even more intriguing possibilities, they could even sense all kinds of my activity, for example my smelling, pain, my dreams when I’m asleep, and so on, all of that is paranormal and can’t be explained by modern science. All such phenomena have no side effects to human health, so far as I know. Such phenomenon happens uniquely, and the phenomena only keep the same activity to my activity.

The phenomenon is caused by unknown signal sends out from my cells in my body, and it brings all the information of my activity, might be the most scientific explain to the phenomena. People around me could know all my consciousness through the signal. Once we identify what the signal is, we might could use the signal converse with my consciousness, is inestimable. We can look for a new era of bio-signal based detecting human health status, might be a key way to develop new ideas of making medicines.

When I go back to my home town, my neighbors said they also have the sense before, just because I have little contact with them, so they didn’t know such strange sense is the same to my activity.

I consider these problems again and again, can they perceive the mysterious signal anytime and anywhere? Does everyone can perceive the phenomena? The answer is:

I’m not sure when do they have the sense, I just know such phenomena happens naturally and frequently, almost every time they can when they not far from me. They said they have the sense when they are leisure. One of my neighbor said the first time he had the sense is when I was born.

What are important, people never meet me might never be able to sense the phenomena. One person said he don’t have the sense before he meet me, but after he meet me sometimes he could even sense my activity far from me 100kms.

Almost everywhere they can if not far from me. And include these place that mobile phone signal hard to arrive. One of them said once he could even sense my activity when I’m far from him 1000kms.

Almost everyone can if they are not far from me. But I don’t know the exact percentage that how many of they can. One of my neighbor said all of them have the same mysterious sense.

The speed of the signal transfer in air is hard to be detected.

I can’t sense the phenomena.

‘He can’t hear his thoughts himself, it proves the strange hearing of us is not caused by sound.’ one of my current neighbors said.

If you have the mysterious sense when you are not far from me what will you think about it? Again, you might could also have the sense when you are not far from me.

Prove it to these people who might can’t sense the phenomena even they are near me is very easy. Just let a few persons who can sense my activity to help me.

Use a random number software to make a few random numbers, one example as follow.







Let me read these numbers in my thoughts and without cheat, the people who can sense my activity could directly write down these numbers under investigator’s proper observing conditions. And the percentage must be 100% right, it says something.

Sometimes I really suspect they are fooling me or someone might could mind control, but when they talk about these my thoughts that I never talked out and recorded, I decide to seeking some help, I know it is great important to the science.

People never meet me might never could sense my thoughts, I don’t know why. May be the phenomena is caused by special microbe, which could read my thoughts and send it to others, but why can’t it read others thoughts?
One of the perceiver said, he never could sense my thoughts before, but he could even sense my thoughts even when he is far from me 100km after he have a short talk with me. There is no evident that the microbe has side effect to human health.

Another possible is someone or somebody might could mind control secretly. All of the phenomena are controlled by him or them, but we don’t know who are they. But why they or he mind control me? Such mind control is not ideologically mind control that use dazed words or seeming normal words, but is mentally mind control use unknown signal. When they use the signal mind control you, you can’t aware who is mind control you, because it seems happens naturally. We need develop tools to monitor the signal.

A prize proposal.

¥30,000 叁万元整 PRIZE

With due to lots of challenge prize and paranormal organization exist in the internet, but when my claim appears, there is no atmosphere of investigation, lack of passion, lack of intelligence.

I decide to set up a prize, ¥30,000 叁万元整 prize, personally I have ability to pay the money, with the purpose of increasing my creditability.

If I can prove my claim under proper observing conditions, the person or organization that first investigate my claim have to help me publish it in a famous newspaper or a famous TV show, he or they will get nothing from me, their reward might be Pulitzer Prizes.

If I can’t, the person or organization who first investigates my claim will get the prize automatically.

I would like invite JREF or other reliable organization to monitor the money, I will transfer the money to the first reliable organization who willing to monitor the prize.

I think we have a few ways to investigate it.

  1. The first journalist who reports such phenomena might could get the Pulitzer Prizes, if my claim is true. At least it happens uniquely in the world, so far as I know. You might also be able to have the mysterious sense when you are not far from me.
  2. If you have some journalists friends often trip to China, let they help query those people they connected, ask them if they had heard of the phenomena. If some of their answers are yes, it says something.
  3. If you have some Chinese friends around you, let them help you do an oral investigation through their friends or relative, ask them if they had heard of the phenomena.

If some of their answers are yes, it says something. Not all the people always fool others. In fact, hundreds of people lives around me in several places had experienced the phenomena, they are amazed by the phenomena, and maybe they tell it to other thousands of peoples.

  1. I think I have a trip to your country to prove it is also a good idea, together with my 20,000yuan prize. A fool or a liar won’t do it, isn’t it?
  2. Persuade Mr. James Randi hold a Amaz!ng Meeting in China, I would like to attend it, together with my 30,000yuan prize.

To Mr. James Randi (www.randi.org)

Randi’s courage to uncover the fraud of published psychic is appreciated. And it might be his only purpose and a wrong way. It seems he has no any passion and intelligence when my claim appears. May be he is just willing to investigate these officially published pseudoscience only could be proved by a photo but can’t be proved for two times, or a magic performance. Deny everything if it is not officially published just by one’s experience might also is pseudoscience. If officials and authorities don’t want a truly paranormal phenomenon to be published, then you might could be fooled and mind controlled by these officials idea logically. Mr. James Randi’s world is a little dark, if some mysterious truth can’t be investigated just because his strong intention of uncover pseudoscience.

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